Jewellery Care

Shree Radha Ornament Gallery - Jewellery Care

It's a good idea to look after your jewellery whether you have one or many so that even after years, it does not have that giveaway 'worn-out' look. By taking a few extra minutes of extra and proper care, you can be rest assured that your jewellery will look as good as new even after decades.

Here we provide you detail information for the best care of your jewellery :

  1. Artificial beauty products can affect jewellery. Body spray perfumes or hair spray can discolour gold or make pearls turn yellow. Always wear jewellery after you have completed your make-up.
  2. Take off your jewellery especially rings when doing household work or gardening. They could get damaged or stones may fall off.
  3. Too much heat might affect the settings of your jewellery. Remember to take off your jewellery when in front of intense heat.
  4. Do not wear many chains at one time, as they may tangle and rub off one another causing damage.
  5. The more you wear your jewellery, the brighter the metal shall become.
  6. Definitely clean your jewellery periodically so that perspiration or dirt does not accumulate or damage your jewellery.
  7. Always store your jewellery in a jewellery box with different compartments to prevent them from rubbing or scratching against each other. Chains constantly knot together. So, carefully separate them.
  8. Cleaning of jewellery is very important to keep it in perfect condition. However, for precious jewellery, advise of the jeweller is highly recommended as professional cleaning is done with proper care and safety.