Shree Radha Jewellery

SRJ is our own brand.

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Shree Radha Jewellery

NAKSHATRA is one of India's most reputed diamond jewellery brands

NAKSHATRA is one of India's most reputed diamond jewellery brands, achieving an iconic status within three years of its launch in 2000. Today, it is a leading diamond jewellery brand, patronized by women of fashion in almost all segments of society.

Its appeal rests not only on its visible excellence of imaginative design and craftsmanship but also on the Gitanjali Group's innovation in the very mode of transaction.

In departing from traditional jewellery business practice, the Group began to provide certificates of authenticity of metal and stone – thus replacing the old localized reliance on personal trust between jewellery buyer and seller with measurable proof verifiable anywhere, appropriate for a globally mobile universe.



Asmi in Sanskrit means "I AM".

It is jewellery for the new age Indian woman, celebrating her new found economic & social independence. For her, self indulgence & self rewards are needs that co-exist with her family, social or professional responsibilities.

Asmi was launched in 2002 by the Diamond Trading Company (DTC), which was subsequently taken over by the Gitanjali Group.

The brand aims to fulfill every woman's innate need for self expression while lauding her inner fire.

Asmi caters to the woman of substance & satisfies her need for reward & recognition, evolving continuously to suit her style & personality.


Shree Radha Jewellery

Raa, the first child of KT Lifestyle

Raa, the first child of KT Lifestyle, was born five years ago with a thought to come up with a jewellery collection that reflects the spirit of today's woman and speaks her mind. It invokes 'narcissism' with its exclusive range of diamond jewellery. Narcissism, which means self love, is believed to be an essential part of all humankind right from birth.

Pure and pristine, this limited edition diamond jewellery is for the 'woman of substance'. Raa stands for the glamorous, sophisticated and highly educated woman who means business and oozes with self confidence. She is mature, ambitious, appreciates art and nature, and possesses strong decision-making power.

Each Raa jewellery piece is handcrafted and has a unique expression to reveal. The designers at KT Lifestyle keep an eye on the latest trends in jewellery and come up with designs that are unique and innovative. The beauty of this exclusive diamond jewellery range lies in the fusion of femininity - the very essence of womanhood, the challenges a woman faces daily, and her internal strength that comes to her so naturally.